EmTech is back in Europe

Mar 28, 2017

EmTech was born in 1999 with the aim of bringing to life the content from MIT Technology Review and identifying and presenting the emerging technologies that are shaping our future. Today, we have left behind the digital age that incubated us to enter the so-called fourth industrial revolution and the fusion of technologies that are shaping it. Consequently, gaining insights on top innovations is now more relevant than ever.

We will kick off the third edition of EmTech France during exciting times.

We have always been energized by scientific advancements, yet we find ourselves increasingly thrilled with what lies ahead today. Facial recognition systems that track down criminals and authorize payments or gene therapies on the verge of curing devastating genetic disorders are two examples from our list of disruptive technologies. Physical, digital and biological boundaries are merging to the point of making us wonder what being a human will mean in the not so distant future.

Despite the myriad of benefits this implies, positively impacting health, education, energy, the environment and the economy, our uncertain future raises concerns. These concerns include the potential increase in the polarization of society or botnets which attack Internet infrastructures and intelligent devices, causing data fraud or digital misinformation. To top this, the current political and economical instability, the rise of populist, nationalist and protectionist measures across continents and the strengthening of geographical border controls, are making it harder to form scientific collaborations between international institutions.

In this limbo between promise and jeopardy, EmTech, the place where rule-breakers unite in their bet on innovation and their fight for a better world, stands stronger than ever. The outcome of our future is within human control. We see technology as a tool created by humans to improve our quality of life and we believe that, if we learn how to implement it, we can use technology to nurture more human societies and address today’s biggest and most pressing challenges.

“Leading the transformation of humanity” is therefore the topic selected for the third edition of EmTech France.

We will discuss innovation through a scope that puts people at the center of technological evolution. How is technology affecting the different pillars of our life? A 2-day conference covering the latest discoveries in artificial intelligence, new robots, synthetic food, the collaborative economy, civic tech, smart mobility and education, EmTech is the place where business and science leaders, investors and innovative entrepreneurs that are changing the face of business and driving our economy come together. Join us and participate in the conversation.

– The EmTech France Team