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How can Blockchain help corporations to block cyber-attacks?

“The security of computer systems is weakened by attacks that are continually growing more complex, more malicious and more difficult to trace. In these cases, blockchains can play a decisive role in creating a bridge between systems which, for multiple reasons, would tend not to be completely trusted. It can help prevent intrusive attacks and other spyware attacks on systems, thus enabling an unprecedented level of transparency.” More info at: www.frenchweb.com [FRENCH]

Blockchain technology for the food security industry

“IBM and WalMart are partnering to better track the food supply chain in China. The US retailer has opened a new Food Safety Collaboration Center and wants to improve the way food is tracked, transported and sold to consumers across China. Thanks to the blockchain technology, it will be quick & easy to trace the source of food contamination and to report it. Expiration dates, storage temperatures, delivery details and more information will be automatically digitized and stored in the blockchain”, as explained in www.ladn.eu [FRENCH]

The Business of Blockchain: A New MIT Technology Review Conference

“Most people first encountered blockchains when they learned about the digital currency Bitcoin, which uses one to record transactions and resist counterfeiting. The technology made it possible for people who have never met and do not share a relationship of mutual trust to exchange money without the aid of a traditional third party, like a bank. But many companies, researchers, and governments are now considering how blockchains could build trust and eliminate the middlemen in a broader range of commercial activities. including banking, public services, supply chains, energy, and much more.” More info at: www.technologyreview.com [ENGLISH]

DeepMind’s New Blockchain-Style System Will Track Health-Care Records

“The company, which is rapidly expanding its health-care initiatives, has announced that it will build a tool that it calls Verifiable Data Audit during the course of this year. The idea: to allow hospitals, and potentially even patients, to see exactly who is using health-care records, and for what purpose.” Read the article at www.technologyreview.com [ENGLISH]


Blockchain, the future of FinTech: “The objective of Blockchain.com is to build an open, fair and accessible financial future, one piece of software at a time”. Discover Nicolas Cary, President and Co-Founder at Blockchain.com during the last edition of EmTech France.

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