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Face recognition will transform the way people interact

It may sound like future science fiction movie, but nowadays China is at the forefront of this trend. “Some apartment complexes use facial recognition to provide access, and shops and restaurants are turning to this technology to make the customer experience smoother. Not only can they pay for things this way, but the staff in some coffee shops are now alerted by a facial recognition system when he walks in: “They say, ‘Hello, Mr. Tang.’” Check out the full article at www.technologyreview.com [English]

Detecting target objects within a context

Smart Me Up, founded by Loïc Lecerf, has developed a breakthrough technology that can detect, monitor, and analyze a target object within a target context. “It allows, for example, a car to detect pedestrians, bicycles, cars; a drone to detect pests or people on the ground; a train to detect objects or persons on the track; a production line to track the elements and smooth operation.” Read the full article at www.frenchweb.fr [French]

Performing life detection and facial recognition through interactive clothes

Ying Gao, has created interactive designer dresses which perform life detection and facial recognition. The dresses “come to life depending on the individual beholding them”. The movement of these tissues reminiscent of microbial life is coordinated through sensors encrusted in the fiber that detect emotional reactions. They activate the movement only if the expression of the spectator’s face remains totally neutral and stop when an expression appears.” Check out the full article to learn more about  all of her models at www.ladn.eu


Did you know that MIT Technology Review selected the Face Recognition as one of the 10 Breakthrough Technologies in 2017? Discover all the details on the following video and the full article.


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