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The youth’s perspective on AI in society

The growing presence of artificial intelligence in the world seems to have had a unique effect on younger generations. When “questioned about the emergence of new technologies (the famous trio automation – robotics – artificial intelligence), the majority of millennials (62%) consider that they can have a positive impact and will accelerate productivity. Similarly, 53% believe that they will even encourage economic growth. In addition, 50% see them as an opportunity to devote more time to creative activities. This indicates a desire to escape the gloom of the leitmotif “metro, work, sleep” and the desire to do something that makes sense.” Check out the full article here: http://www.ladn.eu [French]


Predictions around AI for the future

Some predictions about the future of artificial intelligence include further advances in automation, a global “robolution”, and an increased use of collaborative robots. “Artificial intelligence is not the emerging daemon described by some experts like Elon Musk or Stephen Hawking, among others, we are still very far from Terminator , says Gaël Musquet. We must see the new technologies as something fun and accessible to everyone: developers or not, we all have in us a hacker who is sleeping. “Today, robotics is accessible. With an Arduino, even people who are not specialized can create a robot that plants seeds, “he says.” Full article here: http://www.ladn.eu [French]

The vulnerability of robotics today

Exactly how secure are the robots we’ve begun to rely on? “While 2.6 million industrial robots will be in service in 2019, according to the International Federation of Robotics, the problem is largely ignored. “Most were designed without any protection, ” says Cesar Cerrudo, an expert at IOActive. Built to work in a closed environment, they are increasingly networked, making them vulnerable to any computer attack. Worse, “the software used on robotic platforms is largely outdated,Trend Micro said. See the article here: https://www.maddyness.com/ [French]

AI’s potential role in the banking sector:

Could artificial intelligence benefit our current banking systems? The Accenture Group carried out a study, yielding these results: “78% of the bankers surveyed believe that artificial intelligence can become an interface that would simplify the customer experience, 79% even think that AI would revolutionize the collection of information as well as the interactions between bankers And their customers. Finally, 76% say that over the next three years, AI should be the main method of interaction with clients, enabling them to better understand the intentions and emotions of their clients in order to offer them the most appropriate services.” Read the full article here: https://www.maddyness.com/ [French]


Assaf Biderman, CEO at Superpedestrian and Associate Director at the MIT Senseable City Lab gives insight on how technology will help to develop new hybrid cities in the future during the last edition of EmTech France

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