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Smart Cities Could Be Crippled by Dumb Security

Researchers have been finding vulnerabilities in connected city hardware, from traffic signals to smart meters, for several years now. The concern is that as such infrastructure proliferates, with devices increasingly connected by the Internet of things, hackers will identify more flaws and and use them to plunge whole cities into chaos. Check out the full article at www.technologyreview.com [English]

Verizon implements wireless sensor systems in busy intersections

Smart cities use tools that create safer environments for citizens, as demonstrated by Verizon´s efforts in Boston. “The precision of the data enables the city to see which traffic incidents are of most concern in specific parts of the intersection on a day-to-day basis. The city says it plans to extend the smart-streets program to another half dozen intersections along Massachusetts Avenue so it can begin to understand how the road functions as a traffic corridor throughout downtown Boston. It may also add sensors that measure air quality to monitor and eventually reduce pollution.” Read the full article at www.technologyreview.com [English]

Stronger security is needed for the growing Internet of Things

Smart Cities rely on the IoT as a way to connect multiple smart devices. “The Internet of Things is connecting more devices every day, and we’re headed for a world that will have 24 billion IoT devices by 2020. This growth carries several benefits, as it will change the way people carry out everyday tasks and potentially transform the world. But with all of these benefits comes risk, as the increase in connected devices gives hackers and cyber criminals more entry points.” Read the full article at: http://www.businessinsider.com [English]

Blockchain may be needed to secure the IoT

Is the blockchain the solution for a more secure IoT? “With the Internet of things, the blockchain protocol will find one of its broadest applications, given the colossal problems of trust that will undoubtedly arise. Confidence, the question of identity, respect for privacy and confidentiality of personal data will be at the heart of the development of the Internet market of objects. In other words, blockchain technology will become the infrastructure of a globally digital and massively interconnected world.” Read the article at http://www.frenchweb.fr [French]

Smart Homes are a growing aspect of Smart Cities

Smart Homes are also in the experimental stage, as potential components of Smart Cities. “We are only at the beginning of the era of home automation. For now, the only way to make our house more smart-grid compatible is by understanding and analyzing the household’s electrical consumption. For the time being, the technical challenges remain the main obstacle to development mainly due to the lack of standardization and important security problems.” Read the full article here: http://www.ladn.eu [French]

Creating responsive spaces and mobility systems for future cities. Discover Kent Larson,  Director at MIT Media Lab’s Changing Places group during the last edition of EmTech France.

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